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Christian Education

Coordinates Worship and Liturgy.

Makes provisions for organization, guidance and supervision for Christian Education of children, youth and adults in the church.



Monitors all receipts of securities and funds due to be held by the Church.  

Maintains internal control  system over the church’s financial activities.



Plan and conduct annual Church Harvests approved by the Council.

Explore legitimate avenues of fund-raising.


Puts in place mechanisms to ensure all church attendants are properly welcomed. 

Proposes and submit best practices for Council’s approval that ensure maintenance of orderliness at all meeting of UGCC.

Makes available church bulletins/practices and other programs/brochures for the congregation.


Social Concerns and Welfare

Responsible for the welfare of Church members Through visitation, phone, internet and other social media.



Shall be accountable to the congregation for auditing church financial records    

 Reviews Church financial statements quarterly


Property Committee  

For the acquisition and development of church building   For monitoring, care and maintenance of church property  For security, management, cleaning and proper maintenance of all church property

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